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Longarm Quilting Services

Pricing starts at $0.02/sq. in.
Pantograph options shown below. Don't see the panto design you want? Contact me!

What to expect from me: 

I will always strive to completely and clearly communicate with you in order to provide the best quality of service possible for your quilting desires. Sending your quilt away can be a scary process and I want you to be as comfortable as possible with your artwork in my hands. I do not take for granted the privilege that it is to be able to work with you on your quilt!  

Your quilt will be returned to you in a sealed pouch to prevent any excess wear and tear during the shipping process. This will then be packed back into your original packaging, or similar packaging, depending on the needs of your quilt. There is no extra charge for this. It is simply to ensure your beautiful artwork is returned to you in great condition! 

Expectations as a quilter: 

  • Please press and square up your quilt top and backing prior to packaging. Bulky or unpressed seams could contribute to improper stitching by the machine. 

  • Be sure to include backing and batting in the package as well. 

  • Trim all stray threads from the back of your quilt top. These measures help to ensure a quality product is returned to you. Excess thread could show through your quilt top.

  • Quilts to be sent in with backing fabric at least 4" larger on each side, this means your backing should be 8" wider and taller than your quilt top. Batting should be at least 3" larger on each side. 

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